Leechpool Caterpillar Nursery first opened in January 2001. Our sessions are held in a modern modular building in the grounds of Leechpool Primary School and although we run independently we have very close links with the main school. We have a secure outdoor area with a soft safety surface and a covered area that can be used in all weathers. The main school grounds have electronic gates which increases the level of security for your children. On occasions we use the main school grounds for ball games and sports and for enhancing activities such as mini-beast hunts and for joining in with the whole school Big Run.

The Caterpillar Nursery Ethos

“High quality early years education is crucial. It has the potential to improve the wellbeing, learning and development of young children and close the gap for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.” (Sylvia et al 2004) 

Leechpool Caterpillar Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework maintaining the emphasis of learning through play and consolidating the social and emotional, physical, self-care and communication and language skills that are taught during a child’s nursery experience. 

However as children progress there is more of an emphasis on literacy and numbers, imagination, experimenting and being interested in the world around us. We teach British Values in our everyday routines – we share, take turns, we have good manners, we follow rules, we make decisions together and we learn about our community through photos, walks and visitors. This enables children to make a smooth transition into school readiness and the final year of the EYFS in Reception class. 

Our nurturing staff communicate throughout the year with families and are always on hand to discuss children’s progress and needs. In nursery we look forward to welcoming all families to be part of their child’s education at this stage and ask for support in talking about festivals, languages, jobs, and interests and accompanying us on outings. 

We have high expectations of all our children and staff. We use experience and professional knowledge to provide secure, friendly, fun and trusting environments in which everyone is valued, listened to and children can explore, grow and learn. We observe the children and plan to each child’s needs changing themes and activities to encompass the children’s interests.