We sent through a questionnaire to our families asking them to share their thoughts about their child’s time with us. These are the results:

“I think you are all great (my daughter) loves her pre-school she would come more if the hours worked for working full time.”

“My child started in January and from very early on has been running into nursery in the morning without waving goodbye! I think this speaks volumes about how settled he is and how much he enjoys his time there. We couldn’t be more pleased with how well he seems to have settled”

“Really like the nursery really accommodating and welcoming. My son always has a great time there and has definitely thrived being there.”

“We have always been really pleased with Caterpillars as (my son) is now our 3rd child coming through! He has absolutely thrived since joining and we couldn’t be more happy with the setting. He always comes out smiling and is happy to tell us about the day and what he has done!”

“All three of our children have attended this nursery and feel it is a great stepping stone to Leechpool.”

“(My daughter) absolutely loves Caterpillars and is progressing really well.”

“Really good nursery, I would highly recommend”

“My daughter always says about her teacher. Thank you so much for all your support. I noticed lots of improvement  in her communication skill. Caterpillars was the best choice for my daughter.”

“We love Caterpillars.”

“The variety of activities is wonderful & the staff are warm & approachable.”

“My child is settled and happy at Caterpillars so I’m a happy mummy.”

“(My daughter) has always enjoyed her time at Caterpillars. Even when she was just starting and struggling with drop off, she always came out excitedly telling me all the things she did that day. I also fully appreciated the updates and help around her hot dinners as (my daughter) was always very clear on what she didn’t want to eat!”

“Everyone has helped my son settle so well and he loves his time at nursery. He has come on so much since starting Caterpillars. Thank you to everyone at Caterpillars.”

“We couldn’t be happier with the support, fun and learning that Caterpillars provide for our daughter and our son before her.”